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The AI-powered website builder that generates an entire website including images and copy, in just a few seconds.

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Empowering people and businesses to thrive TOGETHER

Have a new website with our AI-Powered Website Builder and use many integrated AI tools to promote and manage your business – all in one place.
Generate leads and increase conversions with email marketing, create content, generate ads, design for social, use CRM to manage your leads and much more.

Get your Business Online in seconds

Publish a professional website, no coding or design knowledge required.

Capture & Engage Leads

With integrated lead capture forms, turn visitors into real business opportunities.

Save Time and Money

Create your website in seconds (not hours, days, weeks, or months). Get access to a suite of Sales, Marketing, and Design tools.

No Code

Build Websites in a few seconds with AI.

Build stunning websites effortlessly with our AI-powered website builder. No coding skills needed, say goodbye to coding headaches and hello to a seamless, intuitive, and personalized web development experience.

SSL certificates
Authenticate the site's identity and enable an encrypted connection for online security.
Custom domain:
A unique and personalized web address that identifies a website on the internet, enhancing its brand.
Customizable URLs:
Web addresses that can be customized to be descriptive and memorable, improving navigation and SEO.
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Have an idea for a Startup, Product, or Service?

Bring it to life in seconds using artificial intelligence.


Modern, intuitive and fast

Businesses need an online presence and you can have a modern, intuitive and fast website for a low price per month.



Time to scale

Have a managed website without any code. Advertise your product powerfully without needing a marketing team and months of development. Keep your developers focused on more important things.



Fast and easy

Publish your website fast and easy. Start your blog, redesign your portfolio, create an online resume, or collect your favorite media. Start building your online presence.



Accelerate the process

Accelerate the process from briefing to customer delivery. Get support, tools and awareness to grow your business.


Everything you need

Unlock Possibilities

Get your business online in seconds with AI-powered Website Builder and AI ToolSet.

AI Website Builder

The AI-powered website builder that generates an entire website including images and copy, in just a few seconds

Sales Platform

Keep track of all your customers in one place. Respond to leads, organize contacts, and instantly generate client communications

Marketing Platform

Turn your marketing strategies into tangible results with AI-powered tools

Branding & Design

Expand your brand, discovery tailored strategies for brand growth

AI Assistant Coming soon

AI assistant for any task

Project Management Coming soon

Plan, manage, and collaborate

HR & Teams Coming soon

Simplify your HR routine, make it agile and effective. Boost your company's results with a complete ecosystem for Hiring, Admission, Development and Engagement

Legal Coming soon

Fast, safe and legally valid

Banking Coming soon

Business account, credit card, payments, and investments

Finance Coming soon

Elevate your financial operation

Services & Support Coming soon

Checklists, service orders, help desk, knowledge base, chamados

Data Analytics Coming soon

Everything your business needs to perform data analysis of your business

Effortless Online Presence

Craft a fully customized website with engaging content, stunning visuals, and a seamless communication form, all in less than a minute.

Simple & Fast

Get your business online in just a few clicks

Create a completely crafted website with content, visuals, and a communication form in less than a minute.

No Code

Easy to customize

User-friendly editing features, numerous webpages, and a complimentary personalized domain. No programming skills necessary.

AI Powered

Unleash Limitless Potential

Unlock a No-Code Wonderland: Harness the Power of AI to Create Without Limits

All using AI

AI-generated content: copy, images, and professional logo.

It’s not just a landing page generator

AI-generated websites with the ability to add extra pages.


Good sites are composed of good content, have a blog to add to your SEO strategy.


Integrated Marketing, Design and CRM tools.

Easy to use

User-Friendly and Intuitive: Effortlessly Create and Manage Your Website.

Quick setup

Streamlined Quick Setup for Effortless Website Implementation.


Ability to regenerate and customize sections.

Regenerate and customize sections

Unlock the Power of AI to Regenerate and Customize Your Website.

Generate leads, engage and build relationships.

With just a short description of your idea, Sagui uses artificial intelligence to generate your new website in a matter of seconds. Begin capturing leads with stunning websites without any coding or design skills.

Welcome to the future


Whether on desktop, smartphone or tablet, the layout adjusts for the best user experience.


Website optimized for search engines (Google, Bing, etc). Settings that make our websites more relevant in search engines.

UX Design

User experience as a priority. We develop websites for a simple and intuitive.

Custom layout

Connected with the visual identity of your business and the needs of your niche.

Your way

You manage the contents (texts and images), updating them whenever you want.


Qualified team to meet your demands with agility.

Images and Icons

Access unlimited professional photos

Get professional AI-generated photos and icons that suit your business.

How It Works

Let's try it?

Connect With Customers.

We eliminate the challenges of customizing your website and validating your product ideas. Connect with your customers through Website, CRM & Sales, Design, and Marketing platforms.

It's ideal for pre-launching products, gathering insights, building waiting lists, running beta testing programs, or simply validating new product ideas.

Start Now & Grow your Audience!

Harness the power of integrated lead management tools to forge enduring bonds with your audience.

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